Horizontal storage tanks (DIN)

Underground and above-ground storage in mild-steel tanks

Behälter KG offers cylindrical tanks for underground and above-ground storage of water-polluting, flammable and non-flammable liquids. Production takes place in accordance with DIN 6608, DIN 6616 and DIN EN 12285. Apart from single walled horizontal tanks for non-hazardous products, we also offer double walled cylindrical tanks for hazardous products. The double shell is continuously monitored through vacuum or alternatively though a liquid leakage indicator to ensure that the tank can safely be operated and is free of defects and leakages. Storage tanks are made of S235 JR (steel) as standard, other materials are also possible at extra cost (e.g. stainless steel). Standard tanks all have a DN 600 dome on the top of the tank. Additional accessories such as saddle feet, additional domes or flanges can be offered at an additional cost. This also applies to services such as sandblasting or painting the storage tanks. Each tank is delivered with the corresponding test certificate.

Storage tanks according to DIN for underground storage have the designations 6608/1 (single-walled) and 6608/2 (double-walled). Storage tanks according to DIN for above-ground storage have the designations 6616/1 (single-walled) and 6616/2 (double-walled)





Ø mm


Article number Price single walled
DIN 6608/1
DIN 6616/1
Article number Price double walled
DIN 6608/D
DIN 6616/D
1 1,000 1,500 10440 on request 10153 on request 
3 1,250 2,670 10441 on request  10154 on request 
5 1,600 2,750 10442 on request  10155 on request 
7 1,600 3,750 10443 on request  10156 on request 
10 1,600 5,350 10444 on request  10157 on request 
13 1,600 6,950 10445 on request  10158 on request 
16 1,600 8,550 10447 on request  10159 on request 
10 2,000 3,770 10448 on request  10171 on request 
13 2,000 4,550 10449 on request  10172 on request 
16 2,000 5,500 10450 on request  10173 on request 
20 2,000 6,870 10451 on request  10160 on request 
25 2,000 8,420 10452 on request  10161 on request 
30 2,000 9,970 10453 on request  10162 on request 
20 2,500 4,550 10454 on request  10174 on request 
25 2,500 5,550 10455 on request  10175 on request 
30 2,500 6,710 10456 on request  10176 on request 
40 2,500 8,700 10457 on request  10163 on request 
50 2,500 10,680 10458 on request  10164 on request 
60 2,500 12,650 10459 on request  10165 on request 
40 2,900 6,650 10460 on request  10166 on request 
50 2,900 8,150 10461 on request  10167 on request 
60 2,900 9,585 10462 on request  10168 on request 
80 2,900 12,750 10463 on request  10169 on request 
100 2,900 15,895 10464 on request 10170 on request 



Approved substances for the storage in cylindrical steel tanks (DIN)

The following list includes a small selection of media that are permitted to be stored in cylindrical single walled and double walled steel tanks, according to DIN6601 / EN 10027-1. As such permissions can change dynamically, the below information are only exemplary and need to be validated for any given project.


Acetone Dichlorobenzene Heating oils DIN 51603-EL-01 Pentanol
Acetyl acetone Dichloromethane Heating oils L DIN 51603 Potassium hydroxide (maxi- mum 20%)
Acetylene dichloride Diesel fuel DIN 51601- Heptane Potato-spirit oil
Alcohol Diethylamine Hexane Propanol
Alcoholic drinks Amyl Diethylbenzene Hexanoles S
alcohol Antifreezing Dimethylbenzene I Safety lamp petroleum spirit DIN 51634-A
compound Asphalt Dipropylamine Isobutanol Solvent naphtha DIN 51632
Aviation carburettor fuel E Isobutylchloride Special grades of petroleum
Aviation jet fuel Ethanol Isopropylchloride spirit
B Ether K T
Benzene Ethyl-cellosolve Kerosene and solvent Tars, liquid
Bio-diesel fuel Ethyl acetate kerosene Toluol
Bitumen Ethyl acetate, pure L Transformer oils
Bromobenzene Ethyl alcohol Lactic acid ethylester Trimethylbenzene
Butanol Ethyl benzene Light petrol Turpentine
Butyl acetate Ethyl bromide M U-X
Butyl alcohol Ethyl carbonate Methanol Unused hydraulic oils
Butyl benzene Ethyl glycol Methylacetate Used and unused engine oils
Butyl bromide Ethyl ester Methylbutanol Used and unused gear oil
 C Ethyl ether Methylbutyrate  
Carbon dioxide dimethyl ester F Methylglycol Vegetables oils
Carburettor fuels FAM regular gasoline DIN Methylhexane  
Caustic soda 51635-A Methylpentane Xylene
Chlorobutane Fluorobenzene Monochlorobenzene  
Chloromethylpropane Fluorotoluol N  
Chloronitrobenzene Formic acid ester Natural gas condensate  
  Fusel oil Nitrobenzene  
  G Nitrophenols, liquid  
    Oil-to-water mixtures (e.g. drilling and lubricating oils)  
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