Powder & universal mixer

Discover our wide range of used powder and universal mixers for industry, including renowned brands such as DIOSNA and Amixon Mixing Technology (formerly Ruberg-Mischtechnik KG). Our machines offer the highest quality and reliability for various mixing processes in numerous industries.

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    • Universalmischer 

      Rauminhalt: 10 Liter

      Leistung 0,55/0,75 KW

      Drehzahl  1500/3000 U/min.


      Leistung 1,5 KW

      Drehzahl: 3000 U/min

      Umfangreiche technische Unterlagen vorhanden.


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    • universal hot mixer
      material in contact with product: stainless steel

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    • double jacket
    • agitator:spiral agitator
    • power:15 KW
    • total height: 2.200 mm
    • total width: 1.800 mm
    • total length: 1.950 mm

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    • power:2.2 KW
    • documents available:
    • total height: 2.350 mm
    • total width: 1.250 mm
    • total length: 3.050 mm

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Areas of use and applications

Powder and universal mixers are essential for numerous industrial sectors, including the chemical, pharmaceutical, food, cosmetics and building materials industries. They are used to mix powders, granulates and pasty materials evenly and achieve homogenized end products. Whether you want to mix fine powders into a homogeneous mass, incorporate liquids or combine different particle sizes - our used mixers offer the right solution for every application.

Our mixers at a glance

  • Butterfly mixer: Ideal for processing pasty and viscous materials. The special agitator blade ensures efficient and gentle mixing.
  • Dissolver: Perfectly suited for dispersing and dissolving solids in liquids. Particularly useful in the paint and varnish industry and in the production of adhesives.
  • In-line mixer: Enable continuous mixing processes directly in the production line. They are particularly space-saving and efficient for liquid and semi-liquid products.
  • Planetary mixer: The planetary movement of the agitator homogenizes even the toughest and most difficult to mix materials. Often used in the food and cosmetics industry.
  • Turbulent mixer: Developed for intensive mixing processes where high shear forces are required. They are ideal for the production of powder mixtures and granulates.
  • Universal mixer: Versatile for various mixing requirements. They offer flexible application options and can be found in almost every industry.

Other types of mixers

In addition to the mixer types mentioned above, there are many other types of mixers that are used in various industrial applications. These include ribbon blenders, drum blenders, paddle blenders, compulsory blenders and many more. Each of these mixers has its own special characteristics and advantages that are optimal for certain mixing processes and types of material.

Advantages of used mixers

Buying used mixers offers numerous advantages. You get high-quality machines at a fraction of the price of new ones that are still fully functional and reliable. Our used mixers are carefully inspected and maintained to ensure that they meet your production requirements in the best possible way. Invest in used powder and universal mixers from trusted brands such as DIOSNA and Amixon Mixing Technology. Our machines ensure efficient and homogeneous mixing processes that optimize your production and increase the quality of your end products.

Visit our category and find the right mixer for your specific requirements. Our experts will be happy to help you choose the right device.

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