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Behälter KG offers more than 1500 stainless steel tanks & vessels, immediately available from stock and ready for worldwide shipping. Sorted by volume in ascending order, you find below a wide selection of used and brand-new process vessels, stirring vessels and storage tanks in all sizes.

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Our quality standards

All our used tanks are subjected to a detailed quality control as soon as they reach our warehouse. A visual preliminary check ensures that the surfaces and welded seams of the tanks show no visible damage. Furthermore, we also apply relevant technologies by using an X-ray spectrometer to make precise statements about the material composition of all parts in contact with the product. We also use ultrasound to measure the wall thickness of our used tanks. Most of our used stainless-steel tanks are offered in a cleaned and residue-free state, so that they can be installed directly with additional effort. If you require further tests regarding a specific tank, such as a functional test of the electrical components or a TÜV approval, please contact us - we will be happy to help you.

Almost all our used tanks are "made in Germany" by well-known vessel manufacturers such as Bolz, Hagemann, Möschle, Rieger or Behälter KG itself! This ensures that our tanks convince in quality and durability – from the design of the weld seams up to the solid construction through strong wall thicknesses.

Second-hand tanks: excellent in price and quality

Brand-new stainless-steel tanks, whether pressure vessels for the pharmaceutical industry or insulated storage tanks for milk, are usually designed made-to-measure for a specific request. The project planning cost and labor costs thereby make up a significant part of the prices for new tanks. When purchasing a used tank, these costs are not incurred. This leads to an unbeatable price performance ratio, because a used tank option comes at a comparable quality for a fraction of the made-to-measure cost.

This is valued not only by our industrial client base, but also by various plant engineers that we work with: with suitable used tanks you can significantly reduce your investment budget!

Brand-new tanks: high-quality tanks according to Behälter KG standard

Behälter KG offers a wide range of pre-produced, brand-new tanks, from 100 liters to over 10000 liters. Our new tank offering complements our wide range of used tanks & vessels, so that we can always offer our customers the best possible selection of stainless-steel tanks. If you are interested in our new tank offering, take a look at our brand-new tank inventory .

Immediate availability of all products

The inventory of our website is updated daily – hence all stainless-steel tanks listed on the website are available and ready for delivery within 24 hours. In contrast, in case of custom-made tanks, you typically have a 3-5-month delivery time, which is often not acceptable in the event of a plant damage, deadline pressure or planned adjustments in the production volume. For particularly time-critical projects, our inventory offers the possibility of immediate procurement. You are also invited to arrange an appointment to inspect our equipment and convince yourself of the quality.

Flexibility and trade-in of surplus equipment

You have found a suitable stainless-steel tank in stock but there is still conversion work to be done? We would be happy to help you with it, for example by procuring a new or more powerful motor-gear unit for a pressure reactor, or by backfitting a riveted insulation jacket for a heatable tank.

Also, if you purchase a brand-new tank and take other machines or tanks out of operation please offer us your excess equipment . For over 50 years we have been active in purchasing your used tanks & vessels and can credit you the purchase price directly on your investment.

Always worth a visit: our stock in Bremen (Germany)

With over 1500 stainless steel tanks in stock, we can offer a suitable tank solution for almost every application field. This includes for example the following areas: 


Didn't find anything suitable? Please contact us  – not all tanks & vessels are immediately online when arriving on our stock.

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