We purchase your used tanks, vessels & process machinery

Behälter KG has 50+ years experience in purchasing used stainless steel tanks, agitators and related process equipment – we purchase single pieces as well as entire industrial plants.

Our promise to sellers:

  • Feedback at short notice (ideally 24h)
  • 100% upfront payment before collection
  • Expert dismantling services with qualified personnel

Plant & facility closures

Experienced in managing plant closures since 1965! This can include the purchase of your tank inventory, dismantling of all machinery, relocation of machines / tanks to a different production site, as well as handing you over your building in a "ready to sell" condition. Contact us if you want to hear about recent reference projects!

Offer us your used tanks & surplus process equipment

Feel free to reach out to us alternatively via mail@behaelter-kg.de, by sending us available information and pictures of your used tanks and machines. We will get back to as soon as possible!

You can select several images at the same time by using the CTRL key. (max 20 pictures and 40 MB)

Add details of your tanks & machines, including last operational purpose, condition, volume, technical documents and potentially a price expectation

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