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Behälter KG offre agitatori carrellati di alta qualità, disponibili sin da subito presso i nostri magazzini o realizzabili su misura. Un agitatore carrellato vi offre la massima flessibilità e sequenze di processo accelerate. Date un’occhiata al nostro magazzino e in caso di domande non esitate a contattarci.

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    • Elemento miscelante : Agitatore Dissolutore
    • Potenza: 5,5 KW
    • diametro albero: 28 mm
    • diametro elemento miscelante: 250 mm

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  1. 7873
    Tripod agitator, Aisi 316 3.250,00 €
    • Elemento miscelante : Agitatore a bicchiere
    • Potenza: 1,1 KW
    • Motore: 60-420 rpm
    • diametro albero: 30 mm
    • diametro elemento miscelante: 200 mm

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  2. 7874
    Stand agitator, Aisi 316 2.950,00 €
    • Elemento miscelante : Agitatore ad elica marina
    • Potenza: 3.6 KW
    • Motore: 1.440 rpm
    • ceritficato EX:
    • lunghezza albero: 1.065 mm
    • diametro albero: 35 mm
    • diametro elemento miscelante: 190 mm

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  3. 7900
    Stativrührwerk aus V2A 4.450,00 €
    • Elemento miscelante : Agitatore ad elica marina
    • Potenza: 2.0 KW
    • Motore: 1.420 rpm
    • ceritficato EX:
    • lunghezza albero: 880 mm
    • diametro albero: 25 mm
    • diametro elemento miscelante: 150 mm

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6 Items

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What are the advantages of a tripod agitator?

A tripod mixer enables you to accelerate production processes with the greatest possible flexibility. As a stand agitator is not permanently installed on a specific tank, it can be used for to stir up several production tanks after another.

Tripod agitators from Behälter KG can be used universally due to their continuously improved design. The gantry mounted stirrer is easy to operate thanks to the built-in electrical lifting technology and included safety switches. However, since a stand agitator is always designed for one specific tank type, it cannot be used with tanks of different sizes without running into problems regarding the safety switches. Please request explicitly, if you require a tripod agitator that works with batch vessels of different sizes.

In which areas of application are tripod stirrers used?

Tripod agitators are used in numerous industries: for example in the beverage and food industry, the adhesive industry, paint industry, water treatment and even pharmaceutical applications (e.g. laboratory stand stirrer).

In terms of process technology, our tripod mixers are also excellently suited for dispersing pigments, paints and lacquers – enabled through the high rotational speed of a dissolver disk and a high corresponding energy input (up to 30 kW are possible).

Which tripod agitator types can be offered?

Depending on the desired process application, we offer gantry mounted stirrers with a wide range of agitator designs, such as propeller mixers, cup stirrers, dissolver discs, jet-stream mixers or anchor agitators. For every process application, we determine the optimal speed and motor gear size to make sure that the stand agitator satisfies your requirements. All agitators can also be offered with a frequency inverter for stepless speed control.

Any tripod agitator can be offered as wall-mounted tripod agitator (for on-site installation), floor-anchored tripod agitator or mobile tripod agitator positioned on wheels. When evaluating the appropriate stand type for your tripod mixer, certain design parameters and the agitator weight must be considered to ensure that no safety risks can occur.

Whether for IBC containers, cylindrical tanks, barrels or other purposes – we are happy to provide you with an offer for a tailor-made tripod agitator, either completely made of stainless steel or alternatively in coated mild steel.

By the way: Our SDE Flexmix: Serbatoi di miscelazione mobili  have established themselves as universally functional mobile process tanks over the past years, with a superb suitability also for tripod agitator usage for volumes from 300 to 1150 liters. Contact us if you are interested in additional details.

Are you still looking for an open stainless-steel tank that works well for your tripod agitator application? Have a look in our large inventory list of used stainless steel mobile storage tanks that can be used for tripod mixing applications .

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